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1998/99 ECNL Composite


General Manager:

Strikers FC ECNL Tryouts

Strikers FC ECNL invites players to tryout with the ambition and ability to compete at the very top level for Strikers FC ECNL teams for this coming season. Read more about ECNL here 

Tues. & Thurs. starting May 3rd on Field #2 at the Great Park

  • 5-7pm for 2002/2001
  • 7-9pm for 2000/1999/1998  
Friday May 6 & May 20 at Lake Forest Sports Park 
  •  5:00-6:30pm for 2002/2001
  •  6:00-7:30pm 2000/1999/1998

Contact Technical Director Abner Rogers




The ECNL Composite Division will be created beginning in the 2016-17 season for the U18/19 age group (1998/1999 birth years).  The Composite Division is designed to provide an option for clubs with large player pools in this combined age group to field an additional team within the ECNL structure to keep players in the ECNL for their final seasons in youth soccer.

Some Information on Composite League: 

  • The Composite Division Team will be the “second team” in the U18/19 age group
  • The specific competition format for the Composite Division will be determined at the conference level, and may be home and away, home or away, or another logical format based on the participating teams.  The ECNL must approve the final format.
  • ECNL Composite Division players must be carded under the ECNL and will be subject to ECNL roster rules.  Players can play for both the ECNL U18/19 Team and the ECNL U18/19 Composite Team, provided all ECNL Rules and Regulations are followed, including without limitation:
    • Players may only play one (1) game per day.  (Players may not play in a Composite Division game and another ECNL game.)
  • ECNL Composite Division players may participate in any ECNL National Event for which they are age eligible.
  • There will be no post-season competition for ECNL Composite Division teams.
  • ECNL will host two (2) ECNL Composite Events during the season
  • No Post Season for ECNL Composite teams