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Jay Nettekovan

Jay Nettekovan - Goalkeeper Coach

An extremely experienced goalkeeper instructor, Jay brings over 25 years of coaching expertise to the club. He has played the position at all levels, from recreational, club, high school  collegiate and professional He also has US National team experience.  Jay teaches at Mater Dei HS, where he is also the Goalkeeping coach for the Men's and Women's program.


  • PRACTICE – repetition, repetition, repetition
  • DETERMINATION - give everything you got and then ONE more
  • FORM – how it looks and feels – muscle memory
  • POSITIONING – make the hard saves look easy by being in the right place at the right time
  • VISUALIZATION – see the save a 100 times in your head, make the save during practice and games
  • CONFIDENCE – a belief that it will take a great shot or cross to beat you
  • DOMINATE the box – learn to take control of everything within 6yd/12yd/18yd
  • COMMUNICATION – manage the game proactively, less to save reactively
  • POSSESSION – catch the ball – NO REBOUNDS or easy corner kicks – start the counter attack

My training consist of game situational drills. I focus on hand positioning and grip along with lower body balance. I BREAK BAD HABITS. I work to get my keepers off their heels and attack the shot. I am loud, I am encouraging, I am motivating. I will never ask them to do something that I can't do myself. I thoroughly enjoy sharing my experience and knowledge of the position with younger goalkeepers.